This was the printer that opened the proverbial rabbit hole of 3D Printing for us. It was sometime ago now, but I can still remember “setting up shop” on an empty shelf in the garage and how intrigued I was to watch it lay down layer after layer of my first creation, iPad Picture Corners.

The Afinia H480 (a self leveling version of the one I own) it about as plug and play as you can get. It comes with it’s own software and I’ve used it on a Mac & PC both without issues (the Mac version doesn’t seem to want to do preview of volume and print time). The build volume is slightly less the 5″ cubed (due to attaching the board to the heater plate). Vertical resolutions go from 0.15mm – 0.4mm (so the minimum is slightly above the industry standard of 0.1mm). It will run ABS & PLA however I’ve only ever run ABS and several aftermarket filaments on it.

Coming Soon